We have worked with a lot of people over the years.  It’s not always peaches and cream, rainbows and glitter.  Real Estate can get really emotional.  Although we’ve never had a negative testimonial in writing, it has happened.  Personalities clash, deals fall out.  Life happens.  It happens! Anyone who says it doesn’t is lying.


Here are a few of the many that we’ve helped with their real estate needs and desires. 

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Gary Lott

My husband and I were looking to purchase property in the Bullhead area during the hot summer months. We had called several listing agents on properties we were interested in looking at, but not one listing agent we called have ever returned our calls, even to this day. When we saw a listing in Mohave Valley we were interested in, we then called Gary and Billie, to our surprise got an instant reply. Although I am sure they weren’t excited to show us property in 117 degree weather they did not hesitate to work with our schedule to show us the property. When we made our offer on the property, Gary and Billie were very professional and made the process extremely simple for us. Once we got the offer in we all went to lunch with Billie and Gary, we really enjoyed their company and have remained personal friends to this day. We truly enjoy their company both professional and personal.

Working with Gary and Billie was a very positive experience and look forward to possibly working with them in the future. I would not hesitate to ever recommend them to anyone I know or don’t know looking to purchase property.

Wendy V.
Mohave Valley, Arizona

I purchased my home through the Gary Lott, Patterson’s Executive Team at RE/MAX and am very appreciative of the personal service and great advice I received during the transaction. It was a flawless home buying experience every step of the way from the time we started house shopping, visiting potential listings, and through to the time the final papers were signed. I am a very happy customer!

Della H.
Kingman, Arizona

To prospective clients of Gary Lott and Billie Hiser

I’ve done several real estate transactions in my life, and have come to the conclusion that finding a ‘good’ real estate agent is nearly impossible. Most don’t want to work at all and still get paid and those that do work usually do so for themselves and not their clients.

When I first came to Kingman, Arizona I started working with an agent at another brokerage that I won’t mention here. The agent took me around to three properties that in modest terms were the bottom of the barrel. The last one we were to look at was the best of the four but before we got out to it, she abruptly had to take her uncle (who tagged along with us) to lunch. She called me less than an hour later and told me it had sold. This being a HUD owned property and also being a Saturday, I investigated a little and found the listing agent’s phone number to verify.Thank God I did.

The listing agents were Gary Lott and Billie Hiser. When I reached them the fIrst thing I noticed was how polite and friendly they were. Itwas four in the afternoon and they jumped on the case for me as though they were working for a member oftheir own family, taking me out to the property that evening and submitting the paperwork that night. You see, the property not only hadn’t sold yet, it hadn’t even been shown. The fIrst words Gary spoke to me were, “No, it’s not sold yet, but it’ll go fast so we need to get you out there right now to see it.” Being that I had already sold and left my last house and was living in the fourth hotel since, that was greatly appreciated. I had informed the other agent that this was the last one in the state that looked acceptable and that if it didn’t work out it would mean driving over a thousand miles to another state and a great deal of time and money wasted. That didn’t phase her at all and indeed she encouraged me to consider one of the mst three ‘bottom ofthe barrel’ properties we had looked at earlier that day as she had confIrmed with the listing agent that this property was sold – which obviously, was a blatant lie.

Gary and Billie were in the office with me that night until about 9:45 pm getting all ofthe paperwork submitted and on Monday we received confIrmation that our offer was accepted. The deal went through a couple of days later, at which point I called the other agent again out ofcuriosity, and she again confIrmed that the property had sold and was unavailable. I have yet to come to any other conclusion then that the other agent and her broker who also verifIed her story, intended to buy the property out from under me and re-sell it themselves. Why go for an honest commission when you can make many times more re-selling the property for a vast profit. Her story about verifying with the listing agent was obviously a lie.

Gary and Billie saved me a great deal oftime, driving, money and stress by doing the  right thing, by doing the job and by taking care oftheir client in the best example of what  good real estate agents should be. The property I bought was ridiculously low priced and therefore was a pretty low commission, and these two shining stars of the field handled it like it was a million dollar listing devoting the time and effort required to get their client into the property he desired and indeed the only one he loved. HUD usually takes 45 days to close, but Gary and Billie stayed on them and we closed in less than two weeks, saving me hundreds in hotel costs alone, let alone the misery of all that extra hotel living. They didn’t just sit back and wait, they worked the deal, and made it happen as soon as possible.

In closing, let me say that I have dealt with many real estate agents that were just useless, and now of course, one that was literally criminal. Gary and Billie were an oasis of professionalism, courtesy, kindness and hard work that extended beyond the sale. They recommended businesses, contractors, inspectors and even offered information and ideas for tasks I had planned for after the sale and even dropped by several times after to make sure all was well and that I was happy and cozy in my new home despite the fact that the home is located 20 miles outside of town. As good as the asking price was, they got me an even better price, and I know home prices, not just here but in three states, four if you include where I moved from. I can’t express enough how thankful I am I called them to make sure the property actually hadn’t sold and I also can’t express enough how impressed I was and am with Gary and Billie. They’re good, honest people and hands down the best real estate agents you will ever find. You won’t find better and that’s no exaggeration. Some people are professional, and some are courteous but few people in any field are both, but in real estate, most are neither. Gary Lott and Billie Hiser are both. I don’t say that lightly. More than highly recommend them, I tell you that based on my experience, you just cannot do better when looking for someone to represent you in a real estate transaction. To all those about to buy or sell a house, I wish you good luck, but why leave it to chance, hire Gary and Billie and take chance and indeed, stress out ofthe equation.

James R. H.
Kingman, Arizona