Selling your Mohave County Real Estate

I don’t sell hundreds of homes each year.  Its not a goal of mine.  Some agents might, but not me.  I have no desire to treat my clients like herded animals – in one door and out the other. 

I am a sales person by title only; I’m not here to sell you. I am a tool in your toolbox.  I am here to guide you and make suggestions for you based on my knowledge. You’re the one making decisions!

You’ll notice there is no fancy schmancy widget proclaiming to give you your home’s value if you just put in your address. You’re home’s value is not some arbitrary number spit out of some algorithm (that would be a zillestimate!). Your home value is a little deeper than that, it has a lot to do with you and your situation.  I’ll explain this to you in person!

Contact me today and let’s talk about your situation. What is it that you want and need when selling your home?

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