Getting Trump’d in Mohave County

This month Billie and I ran off to Las Vegas to see Donald Trump at one of his rallies. We really like him.  We’ve followed him on social media for some time; we’ve watched his shows and read his books long before he was a candidate running for President. I may not totally agree with every little thing he has to say, but no one in Mohave County or anywhere else fits that bill! All the candidates have great things to say, they just go about it differently.

So, when Billie posted pictures of the event on social media, the first comment was someone saying how they hate politics. Billie’s reply, “Me too!”

It’s not our favorite thing either, but we do get involved. I am not willing to leave my life and livelihood and the lives of my kids and grandkids up to just anyone.  People say, “Oh it doesn’t make enough of a difference”, it all makes a difference.  My contribution may be small, at least I’m contributing – be it time or money!

What’s this got to do with my Mohave County Real Estate?

You see the most difference when you get involved locally. City and County elections have everything to do with you and yours. How many times are you on a Facebook group or forum where someone is complaining about wanting new restaurants to eat at, or maybe some type of entertainment? Have you ever called 911 for fire or police services? Driving the streets to work, right down to your place of business, it all is affected by politics. You may hate politics and don’t want to get involved, but you really deal with it every day. You have to.

Even real estate. Legislation is passed constantly that deals with what we can and can’t build, or how we write contracts or paperwork in the lending process.  Right down to the lumens of the street lights!

So, whether you like Trump or Cruz or someone else, please get involved! Register to vote. Go to meetings. If you don’t know, talk to someone who does. Don’t leave your future and the future of your kids and grandkids up to someone else.

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