In light of the attacks on Paris, tell me, what are you feeling today? Really, I’d like to know.  I’m not sure exactly what it is that I am feeling or how I am feeling.  Not sure what to call it – sadness, anxiety, fear, anger. 

Maybe its all of the above. Maybe it’s not an emotion at all. Maybe it’s just knowing that the world is different.  Knowing that safety has taken on a whole new meaning.

I mean, from what we’re told, there are already hundreds of investigations ongoing into these groups right here in the United States. Are we safe?  Is anyone safe?  To think that our kids and grandkids will not know the safety we did.  Or is it that we weren’t really more safe, we just didn’t know about it like we do now with the media shoving it down our throats every second?

We just celebrated Veterans Day, a day to lift up those who served, who stood up for our freedoms. Those who stood for, and those who still stand today to keep us safe from these types of attacks.  Kind of makes “Thank you for your service” sound cheap and cheesy because they are the ones who would lay down their lives for us and we just say thanks… or offer up a free meal or coffee or something.

It is a profound thought. One that I hope I am not the only one thinking.  Maybe I just take these things to heart more than others.  Both my kids served, one Marine one Navy Corpsman.  We still have family members serving, one getting ready to deploy to Germany.  Germany!  Right in the middle of some of the worst things happening.

So what do we do

I don’t have a clue. What I do know is this.  I hold my family and friends closer than ever.  I cherish every moment I have with them.  I let them know how much I appreciate them, not just when they do something awesome, all the time.  All the time.

I appreciate you too

I know, it sounds trite. Trite and opportunistic.  Really, how many of you who read this do I actually know personally?  Not many.  Not as many as I’d like.  I’d like to change that.  But, that said, I do know about you.

I know that you have hopes and dreams of owning your own home in Mohave County. Of building or expanding your business in Mohave County. I know that you are passionate about what you do, and that you want to touch as many people as possible with your work. Don’t we all?  I know that you want your business to flourish, so you can provide for yourself and your family members. Me too.

I know these things, and that’s enough to let me know that you and I have a lot in common. I want the same things you want. I care about some of the same things you care about.

We are fellow travelers on the same, but a different path. Life’s Beaten Path. We may be in different cities, states, or countries. We may have a few kids, or lots of kids, or no kids, or grandkids.  We may have different types of businesses, but it’s still business. We are the same in many ways.

And because I love what you love, I bet you feel some of what I am feeling right now. And I appreciate you for that.


Gary Lott – Patterson’s Executive Team at RE/MAX Prestige Properties