Well, hopefully the Mohave County Board of Supervisors and Planning and Zoning will re-consider this notion as I believe it would be a detriment to our area. 

I understand where they are coming from, as a Real Estate Professional I see many homes that are in many different stages of disrepair.  The problem does not lie in the age of the home.  The problem lies with the owner of the home.  Homeowners who let their properties accumulate “treasures” in the yard and let maintenance of the home go unchecked for long periods if at all, these are the homeowners that are to blame regardless of the homes age.  There are already Codes in place to address these types of properties.  The problem is no one wants to enforce them.

And, should someone complain about a property and someone goes out to enforce the code, they don’t check on neighboring properties while there.  So one homeowner has to clean up their property while their neighbors – whose property may be worse – goes without having to do anything.

Regardless, I hope you’ll take the time to attend the public meeting on this issue Monday at 2 pm at the Public Works Building Turquoise Room at 3717 Sunshine Drive.  I will do my best to be there!


Development Services is holding a public meeting at 2 p.m. Monday to listen to those concerns and discuss alternatives. The meeting is at the Public Works Building Turquoise Room, 3717 Sunshine Drive.


Source: New rule restricts trade in older manufactured homes – Kingman Daily Miner – Kingman, Arizona